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No manual registers any more.

All the data get store electronically. You can generate reports anytime in digital formats.

No need of computers any more.

You can see LIVE reporting on your mobile from anywhere. There is no need for manual data extraction.

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Top Features

  • Offline Calls

    Store on device & pushed to cloud when connected.

  • Daily Calls

    Customer meeting details.

  • Visit Timings

    Geo tagged visits to ensure physical visits by repersentatives.

  • Daily Expenses

    Online expenses filling for faster settlement.

  • New Clients

    Provision to add new visit details which is forwarded & synced with HO (Head Office) automatically.

  • Dashboards

    To Pos history missed visits on your finger tips.

Daily In/Out Reports

noproxy report        noproxy report

Simple Pricing

  • Monthly Rental Charges
  •      01-10 Employees Monthly Rental Charge
  •      11-20 Employees Monthly Rental Charge
  •      21-30 Employees Monthly Rental Charge
  • Hardware Charges
  •      Tab
  •      Sensor
  •      Internet
  • 500 + Tax /Per Month
  • 1000 + Tax /Per Month
  • 1500 + Tax /Per Month
  • As Per MRP
  • As Per MRP
  • As Per MRP

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