Basic Modules

  • Human Resource

    A basic HRMS & Payroll modules used to manage the records of employee,leave management ,time & attendance management, salary execution.

  • Inventory System

    Manage your online sales, controls your inventory and keep track of your purchase information. Track the cost of materials used in providing services.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales Agreement,Order Management, Invoicing, Picking, packing,dispatch,Customer acknowledgment all these are the sub modules/parts of sales and distribution module.

  • Purchase System

    Enable strategic purchasing initiatives like lowering prices of goods and services that you are paying during day to day operations of your business.

  • Finance & Accounting

    Fast and smooth access to all important information regarding your financial data. Keep track of your spending. Monitor bank accounts.

  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

    Management of company contacts and all other relevant information through Contact Management Module.

  • Engineering/Production

    Manage or plan the production of organization, Do the proper planning according the availability of resources (Man,Material,Machine and money too).

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    SCM requires the management of materials and information flow in the whole chain, from suppliers through to customers.

  • Company Management

    ERP Company Management system modules are used to track physical inventory, plan inventory replenishment, perform picking strategies and control shop floor stock.

Top Features

  • Easy Setup

    A system that is easy to setup,no extra efforts or tools needed to get started.

  • Dedicated Support

    An efficient and friendly support team that always backs you up whenever you need assistance or have queries to guide you throughout.

  • Constant Innovation

    Constant innovations and additions made regular for your better using experience and smooth working.

  • No Maintenance needed

    No maintenance costs to be incurred. A no maintenance need system.

  • Your data is secured

    Your data is secured nobody can temper your data or change the records direct control in the hands of the admin secured with passwords.

  • Regular backup

    Backups that are taken regularly and saved online to prevent any kind of deletion or harm to your data .

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