Self Checkin

The app works on a concept of self checkin for express
billing and aims to reduce the customer wait time for
billing etc. The customers will be pushed with offers using sensors.


For enhanced productivity technology is used to push nearby items to user device automatically. The Shoping cart managed on the device is automatically pushed to a system for express checkouts.



There is a provision for barcode scanning, searches & touch panel selection for easier selection of products by the customer.

The Services

  • Auto store detection using sensors

    Sensors push information to the customer moment a customer visits the store.

  • Make your own bill for express

    To enhance productivity it works on a model of self service and reduces waiting time at the store.

  • Wishlist

    Desired items can be found, location automatically pushed to the buyer device.

  • Check Automatic stock position against my wishlist

    Provision to check on line stock before customer visit the store.

  • Find my products

    Sensor based searching and finding of products during visits.

  • Physical Location

    Location based data push to the device for enhanced productivity.

App Screenshot

screen shot

How it works

screen shot


Wishlist is a feature for checking live stocks at store while sitting at home and it also helps in locating a product in the store conveniently during visits for item pickup.

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