Mobile Billing

No PC/Laptop required can bill using Mobile Phones/Tabs.                                                                         

Android Tablet for billing                             

No PC/Laptop is required to run this system.



Integrated cloud for back office

For LIVE reporting as well as helps to manage inventory.

Top Features

  • Offline billing, network & printing

    Generate invoice with no internet connection.

  • Max stock, min stock, reorder level

    Connected with back end on line POS system for min, max, record, product images etc.

  • Read QR code using Camera, can read other barcodes using camera

    Has a tool for barcode scanning using camera for QR/EAN/Code 3 of 9 reading.

  • Has provision for integration of external barcode reader for faster billing

    An external barcode reader can be connected.

  • Innovative UI

    Innovative UI Multiple item selection possible for amazingly faster billing.

App Screenshot

screen shot

About The Product

Quick POS PRO is an app developed for mobile POS using devices based on IOS / Android platform.

Mulyiple devices can be used for billing, the data can be pushed department wise in to mobile devices. There are multiple options for product searches name, code, barcodes, provision to scan barcodes, tuch panel for selection. The entire system is connected to a back end cloud system which has a web interface for mounting purchases, generating product barcodes, financial and quantity based reports ect. There is also a provision for offline printing.

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