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Sapphire IT Solution

Sapphire IT Solution was founded in 1992 to provide innovative software products and professional services, initially focusing on Customized Corporate Solutions. The company has grown significantly since then, having satisfied over 250 clients.

Sapphire IT Solution is now widely recognized as a leading solution provider for Industry Standard Platforms such as Oracle 10g and Internet Development Suite (IDS). The Company has also established itself as Oracle Technology Partners thus successfully providing solutions in different Industry verticals like Healthcare, Manufacturing Industries, Export Houses, Spinning Industry and more.

The focus areas of business for Sapphire include: Ready made Integrated Business Information System & Customized Software for Manufacturers, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Tanneries, Export Houses, Hand Tools Industry, Auto Mobile Industry, Spinning Units, Knitting Units, Garment Units and consulting for the Small and Medium industry.

Services ranging from Systems Analysis to Programming and Onsite services.
Expertise in all three types of architectures viz., single-tier host-based systems, two-tiered client / server systems and          the current three-tiered net-centric systems.
Expertise in building applications for the financial services and manufacturing areas.
Ability to adhere to methodology for time / cost estimation, documentation, programming standards, template,          structures, change control etc.
Run your business by Remote Control.
Real Time information and decisions on your Blackberry.
A team of 25 hand picked IT Professionals who ensure a consistent high level of service.
Building high-value corporate information systems that would markedly improve the competitiveness of our clients.
Delivering quality solutions in a cost-effective manner so as to transfer value to our clients, on-time, on-budget and         comprehensively assisting clients in their efforts to upgrade, migrate or resize their information systems from legacy          systems to leading edge technologies.
Our pool of Dynamic professionals including Project Leaders, Software Engineers & Support Engineers make team          SAPPHIRE a leading force.
Continuous consolidation of core competency of building open systems.
Constant effort to skill-up high level tasks viz., design and de-skill low level tasks viz., coding, testing etc.
Continuous effort to hone remote development methodology in order to sustain the offshore development model.

We Headhunt the Best to Give our clients the Best. Our Project Management delivers cost effective State of The Art Solutions. Our Clients ability to access their Sapphire Solution World-wide empowers their own management capability.

"Team Sapphire for State of the Art Simplicity"
S implicity of use
A ctively updating your solutions
P rofits Maximised
P rofessional evaluation of your needs
H elp available 24 hours
I nformation anywhere in the World
R epeat Orders Online
E lectronic Resource Planning