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It is easier to get hold of an agency offering security guards to safeguard your premises, however, it is very difficult to track the efficiency of the guards, especially in your absence. While the security is the greatest concern in any business, efficiency of the guards is something which cannot be compromised. The work of security guards is a matter of responsibility and thus, a single ignorance can cost you big bucks. Sapphire Porfits, a company that has been innovating and simplifying business practices since more than two decades has come up with the system of tracking the patrolling by introducing one of the most sophisticated and advanced security solutions in the domain of monitoring guard patrolling.

This software named as “Quick Patrol” by Sapphire Profits, is a dedicated solution developed to track the movements of all the guards at all the points of your premises while they are making their rounds and the focal point is that this is an online system. Security guard’s movement is tracked and saved in the online tracking system which facilitates the owner or administrator to keep a check on the movements of each guard as per the recorded time. The online accessibility is an added advantage as the admin has flexibility to check the tracking as per his convenience. Also, the risk associated with the offline software, i.e. of system crashing and destroying all the offline saved records is eliminated. Moreover, with the online system, security guards’ patrolling reports can be saved and archived and thus, the need of paperwork is eliminated. The system is easy to maintain and does not have a huge setup cost.

Additionally, this software generates the daily reports highlighting the blank slots with the time range and area, which is to report when and where the patrolling was missed. Consequently, the admin can easily monitor and infer the ignorance if any.

The solution is developed and designed in such a way that the real time data on activities is saved in a centralized system which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Thus, the system is also suitable for the organizations having multiple locations, this makes Quick Patrol one of the most trusted and reliable advanced security solutions.

Although, the system is useful for all the businesses, irrespective of their location and industry, it is also very fruitful for the security agencies as with Quick Patrol they can keep a check on the quality of the services provided by their guards.

While the list of benefits of this solution can be exhaustive, but the attached benefits are exclusive. For the owners Quick Patrol is a relief and alternatively for the security guard suppliers it is an opportunity to serve clients better. From the HR perspective, it makes the human resource more responsible and helps them to push themselves beyond the limits.

So, now the stakeholders, be it owners, managers, agencies or administrator, everybody can be at peace while the Quick Patrol is keeping a check on their behalf.