quick patrol

Top Features

  • phone as reader

    Use any android phone having GPS and CAMERA WITH FLASH to read QR codes and record the gaurd's movement.

  • GPS encrypted tags

    Specially encrypted location tags to be provided by us.which will be captured by the mobile device to give the correct visitings and location details.

  • Guard Tours

    Route visiting reports that is sent automatically to the admin. Every guard is identified by their own mobile phone IMEI.

  • Start to end Timestamps

    Coloured timestamps recognizing the visit or missed status of the location with help of green and red colour where, green shows visited areas with timings and red showing missed areas.

  • Enterprise Reporting

    Daily round up reporting about the guard rounds showing whether guard visited or not or visited partial locations with the details of locations both visited and missed.

Available In Two Technologies


No need to scan, it automatically detects when guard is near the Sensor.


Need to scan the tag.

Daily In/Out Reports

  • Conference Room 
  • Casual Discussion

Simple Pricing

  • Monthly Rental Charges
  •      4 Tags/Sensors
  •      For each Aditional Tags
  • Hardware Charges
  •      Tag
  •      Sensor Cost
  •      Mobile
  • 1000 + Tax
  • 250 + Tax
  • 200 + Tax /Per Tag
  • 675 + Tax
  • As Per MRP

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