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No manual registers any more.

All the data get store electronically. You can generate reports anytime in digital formats.

No need of computers any more.

You can see LIVE reporting on your mobile from anywhere. There is no need for manual data extraction.

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Available In Technology

  • Finger Print

    Sensor that scans your fingerprints and let you mark your attendance.

  • Face Scanner

    Face scanner that scans your face and let you mark your attendance.

  • Card Reder

    Device that reads the unique number alloted to each employee mentioned on the card and records attendance.

Top Features

  • Easy Setup

    A system that is easy to setup,no extra efforts or tools needed to get started.

  • Dedicated Support

    An efficient and friendly support team that always backs you up whenever you need assistance or have queries to guide you throughout.

  • Constant Innovation

    Constant innovations and additions made regular for your better using experience and smooth working.

  • No Maintenance needed

    No maintenance costs to be incurred. A no maintenance need system.

  • Your data is secured

    Your data is secured nobody can temper your data or change the records direct control in the hands of the admin secured with passwords.

  • Regular backup

    Backups that are taken regularly and saved online to prevent any kind of deletion or harm to your data .

Daily In/Out Reports

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Simple Pricing

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