Terms and Conditions

No Reselling, Time-Sharing, or Sub-Licensing

You shall not license, sublicense, sell, resell, rent, lease, transfer, assign, distribute, time share or otherwise commercially exploit or make the Services available to any third party, other than as expressly permitted by the TOS.

No Unlawful Use or Objectionable Content

You shall not use the Services in any unlawful manner or in any manner that interferes with or disrupts the integrity or performance of the Services and its components or infringes on the rights of another party.

Responsibility for Use

You assume all responsibility for the use of the Services, including but not limited to content and media that is created, uploaded to, downloaded from, transmitted and edited using the Service. You are responsible for any accesses made to the Service.


Sapphire takes regular backups of Your Data. No guarantees of any kind will be made as to the integrity or completeness of these backups. You agree to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on Sapphire servers as You see fit.

Securing Your Authentication Details

You will ensure that all passwords and login credentials remain secure at all times for You and each of Your Staff User Accounts. If in the case that You suspect a security violation You also undertake to notify Sapphire immediately.

Limited License

You acknowledge and agree that (i) the Service is the property of Sapphire and is licensed and not sold to You under the TOS and (ii) the Service uses, embodies, and contains confidential and proprietary information and technology of Sapphire and/or its licensors and embodies trade secrets and intellectual property of Sapphire and/or its licensors protected under United States copyright and other laws, and by international treaty provisions (collectively referred to as “Sapphire’s Intellectual Property Rights”). Your rights in the Service are strictly limited to those license rights expressly granted under Section 1.1 above, and Sapphire retains all rights not expressly granted herein. Without limiting the foregoing, Sapphire and/or its licensors retain all right, title, and interest in and to Sapphire’s Intellectual Property Rights, including but not limited to: (i) all software code (source and object), functionality, technology, system or network architecture and user interfaces and all modifications thereto and (ii) all trade secrets, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights with respect to the Service. You further acknowledge that there are no implied licenses granted under the TOS.

Handling Software

You shall not (a) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or decrypt any portion of compiled and/or source code, in whole or in part, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code to the software used in the Service, (b) use any Third Party Software independently of the Services, (c) copy, modify, or combine any part of the software included in the Services for use in software or applications outside of the Services or (d) make any attempt to circumvent parts of the Services designed to enforce the maximum number of Staff User Accounts for which You have paid. You obtain no rights to the Service except for the limited rights to use the Service expressly granted by the TOS.